Why Philips Holter System

Cardiologists need Holter Reports that they can trust in order to determine further testing or treatment decisions. As the Exclusive Holter Manufacturer Representative for U.S. hospital sales and distributor for outside hospital sales Coffey Medical understands Holter technology and how it plays a pivotal role in diagnosing heart disease.

Accelerate Your Workflow

The Philips Holter system has features that speed up the scanning process and help you create accurate Holter Reports in the current challenging reimbursement environment.

Whether it’s the comfortability and durability in the DigiTrak XT Holter Recorder, the ability to easily retrieve 12-lead ECG data from only five electrodes, the ability to customize the scanning software to fit your specific needs, or the seamless connectivity between multiple locations and technologies.

Confidently Deliver the Truth

A common frustration among Holter Scanning Technicians and Cardiologists is that their existing Holter technology mislabels beats and takes too long to create accurate Holter Reports. Administrators want a cost effective Holter solution that can create reports in a timely matter.

Backed by the power of Philips Holter algorithm and comprehensive Scanning Tools, the Philips Holter System helps medical professionals get to the truth faster and more accurately.

For more information about Philips Holter System, please call Coffey Medical at (317) 253-7831 or click here to request a free demo for the Philips Holter solution that best meets your needs.