The Philips Device Management Dashboard for PageWriter TC Cardiographs is a web-based tool that provides visibility to your PageWriter TC series devices from a single location for quick and efficient troubleshooting and device support, letting you remotely diagnose problems and view device statuses for select Philips cardiographs and patient monitors. You can view device configuration, location of last WLAN/LAN connection, wireless IP address and access point, enabled product options, and error log – all from your PC or mobile device.

  • Web-based access to current technical and network status
  • Quick notification of technical alarms, system status, software updates, and configurations
  • Remote diagnosis of technical and network issues, and upgrade of software and device configuration settings

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Philips Device Management Dashboard

See cardiograph status in real-time

The Dashboard helps your team remotely manage and maintain your wireless and wired devices. Visibility to device error logs, on-line status and battery health allows you to quickly make decisions on how to deploy resources to maintain clinical up-time. Wireless IP address and Access Point information can help confirm device location within the institution, helping you with device deployment.

Remotely view cardiograph state-of-health

Manage service response effectiveness with centralized visibility to device error logs, on-line status and battery health for up to 15 simultaneous users. Deploy support where and when it is needed. You can be proactive instead of reactive to minimize clinical interruptions.

Scalable license structure for program flexibility

Licenses packages from 50 to 5,000 devices support small and large institutions. Easily add more licenses as your institution grows without adding network overhead.

Leverage your hospital’s network infrastructure

Locally hosting the Dashboard on your server gives you near real time status information from your connected fleet, allowing quick visibility and diagnosis. Access for up to 15 simultaneous users can speed troubleshooting and empowers your whole team to solve critical device issues with knowledge and efficiency.

Update software from one central location

The Device Management Dashboard for PageWriter TC Cardiographs enables software to be updated from a central location to keep your cardiograph fleet on the latest security and operational level. No need to send your team out to manually make these changes. You can even push out a common device configuration to all cardiographs for a consistent user experience within the care area or across the enterprise.

Communicate service issues more effectively

Improve service call efficiency by sharing device management information with your service representative to quickly resolve device malfunction issues.

Save time and resources

Maintain the security and operational consistency of your cardiograph fleet with Dashboard’s centralized software update capability; you no longer need to visit every device to manage software versions. Additionally, you can manage device configurations within a care area, or enterprise-wide, all from a central location.

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