Holter System

Deliver Results with Confidence

Philips Holter System delivers the tools health care professionals need to confidently record, analyze and diagnose ECG data – faster and more accurately.

As the Exclusive Holter Manufacturer Representative for hospital sales for Philips Holter, Coffey Medical is the expert in delivering superior Holter solutions. Backed by Philips Healthcare, Coffey Medical will consult with you to determine the best Zymed solution to meet your needs.

Coffey Medical Philips Holter DigiTrakXT

For Clinicians

Simplify your Workflow

Holter System provides seamless integration and accuracy for Cardiologists and Electrophysiologists.  Read more.

• The comfort and slim fit of DigiTrak XT Recorder ensures patient compliance.  Read more.
• EASI system allows you to review ECG data in familiar 12-lead format.
 Configure up to 7-day recordings to meet your needs.
• Review, edit and export reports from anywhere.

For Technicians

Cut Out the Noise

Proven artifact reduction technology, fast downloads, and customization capabilities make Zymed Holter a superior solution.  Read more.

• EASI lead placement and onscreen lead map indicators provide proven artifact-reduction results.
• Download ECG files within 90 seconds
• Superior scan quality with Zymed Smart Tools.
• Customized reports are easily edited and exported securely.

For Administrators

Increase Productivity and Cost Efficiency

The Zymed Algorithm powerfully helps your team do their work faster, easier and more accurately.  Read more.

• Paperless options to EMR, HIS, and TraceMasterVue or other management solutions.
• Protect your investment with a 2-year warranty on DigiTrak XT Recorder from Philips.
• Non-Removable memory ensures patient data security.