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Holter Recorder

Zymed utilizes 5 electrodes in the EASI configuration. One electrode acts as the dynamic ground. The EASI hook up allows the Zymed Holter algorithm to utilize vector cardiography to create highly accurate derived 12-leads on every beat throughout a Holter scan.


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Zymed uses the calculus of vector cardiography

  • Captures a 12-lead ECG from just 5 electrodes using EASI hook-up.
  • Full disclosure on all 12 leads for 24, 48, 96 hour or 7-day studies with no data compression (shows every beat) and can override and recall for each of 4 scanning modes.
  • Learn more about EASI 12-lead by Googling EASI 12-lead (
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The DigiTrak XT digital Holter monitor is the size of an AT&T pager, runs on a single AAA battery and can tolerate complete water submersion (survives 15 seconds in 2 feet of water, the depth of a bathtub).

The DigiTrak XT Monitor’s LCD screen allows you to check the quality of the electrode connection on all 3 leads without connecting to a cardiograph or other device. Every DigiTrak XT Monitor has adjustable pacemaker detection included as well.

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Philips no longer manufactures the DigiTrak Plus Monitor. Philips stopped supporting the DigiTrak Plus recorder on 12/31/2014. These old Plus monitors were not capable of working with the newer 64-bit computers.  If you already have DigiTrak Plus Monitors and would like to purchase more monitors, you can run both DigiTrak Plus and the newest DigiTrak XT monitors on the same Zymed Software if you still have a 32-bit computer. Philips developed a Dual Dock Docking Station that will allow you to download studies from both types of monitors using the same docking station or cradle. The part number is #989803157511.

Digitrak XT monitors are available in 24, 48, 96 and 7 day configurations. Check out this page for more information on the DigiTrak XT Holter Monitor.

The Digitrak XT






Click here to download the DigiTrak XT Brochure

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The DigiTrak XT Monitor automatically tests the power of a battery when you insert it to make sure it will last the entire length of time you would like the patient to wear it. Upon battery insertion, it also tests the Monitor software and sealed memory to make sure they are operating correctly. If you forget to start the DigiTrak XT Monitor before sending the patient home, it will automatically turn itself on and start recording if it detects a heartbeat for longer than 30 minutes.

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We offer three lengths of patient cables because patients come in different sizes. All DigiTrak monitor cables are shielded with Kevlar which makes them very durable. They are bonded together for most of the length of the cable to help eliminate artifact.

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The DigiTrak XT Monitor has no moving parts and comes with a two-year warranty. After the second year, a service contract is only $19.15 per month. As a matter of fact, we could even sell you a recorder with as many years of coverage you desire built into the purchase price or lease. However, many customers decide it is not necessary to purchase an extended Service Agreement. Average repairs for DigiTrak XT Monitors after the two year warranty runs less than $400.

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The DigiTrak XT has non-removable memory and is available in four versions that stores up to 7 days of data without data compression. As a non-removable memory, the flashcard is never lost or stolen; you will never have to replace it.

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The international, AAMI standard for Holter is 128 samples per second. At 175 samples per second, we are 35% above the AAMI standard. We do not compress the data. This means that all the ECG is stored without compression and then analyzed by the software so that you can be sure that nothing is being missed. Another way to think about this is that 175 samples per second is the same as trying to draw 175 small dots on graph paper in 1 second. Obviously, there is no need to have more samples per second.

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With the three-channel preview screen on the DigiTrak XT Recorder, you can verify your hook-up without the need for an EKG cart.

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