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Welcome to Coffey Medical’s new FAQ, your one-stop page for answering your questions and concerns about our Philips Holter systems! We’ve addressed the most common queries  – from questions about where to place the leads to information about how save the data, and much more – our FAQs have you covered!

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Why Coffey Medical

If you read our About segment of this website, you will learn that Coffey Medical specializes in selling Philips Zymed Holter. We are their Master Distributor in the out of hospital market, and cover all sales for hospitals for Philips. We have hundreds of customers that rely on our expertise to help them grow their practice or department using Holter. Philips Zymed Holter system is one of the leading Holter systems for sale in the world. It is designed for hospitals, cardiologist and large multi-specialty groups that are looking for a superior Holter scanning solution.  Hospital Purchase Orders are made out to Philips.  Training is handled by Philips employees, and Technical Support is handled out of Atlanta, GA by Philips employees.

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Philips Holter is the most used Holter analysis system in:

  • Hospitals
  • High end cardiology practices
  • Scanning service providers also known as IDTF’s or Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities.

These organizations appreciate the accuracy of the Zymed Holter Algorithm, the easy to use Scanning Tools that increase scanning speed, the ability to import studies from multiple locations, and the ability to output reports as a vector PDF file, HL7 message or in the editable .ZPT Report Viewer format.

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We are the highest quality Holter scanning system on the market. What we have found is that some doctors want features such as 12-lead selectability, ST segment analysis, different scanning styles (both automatic and interactive), atrial fibrillation scanning tools, and the physical capabilities of our system related to the recorders and their ease of use. Other doctors just want to do a fast, cheap, down and dirty study. We offer a basic retrospective version of the Zymed Holter system that will more than match the limited features of less expensive systems. After doctors see all of the other capabilities we offer they often choose the more capable version or choose the basic system knowing that they have an upgrade path for the future. Check out our Blog and you will learn that there are two costs to doing Holter. The acquisition cost of the system is the least important.

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Philips uses Coffey Medical as their exclusive representatives for all hospital sales. These orders are placed directly with Philips. We are the Master Distributor for selling into physician offices and clinics.  For out of hospital customers, we sell direct at substantial discounts off list price.

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Because we have been taking care of so many successful hospitals and practices for a long time, we have learned what services to provide. Here are some services that we can offer you:

  • Workflow Analysis and Recommendations
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Refresher Courses on Software Capabilities
  • On Line Training
  • On Site Training
  • Financing
  • Complete Inventory of Parts and Accessories in Stock
  • Long Term Pricing Commitments

We have many satisfied customers around the country, and are happy to provide references to you.

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When you purchase a new Philips Holter system, you can rest assured that your system will never become obsolete. The Philips Holter system is sold with a USB Hardlock key that acts as a seat license. About every 12 months, Philips releases a new software revision that can be purchased for under $500 that updates your Holter software with the latest features.  All new software upgrades are always backward compatible so that you never end up with obsolete recorders.

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