If you are in the market for a new Holter system, you are most likely replacing an older system that is causing you problems. We begin every online demonstration of the Philips Zymed Holter system with prospects by reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of their existing Holter system. Invariably, complaints fall into two categories:

  1. Age– their Holter recorders are worn out and failing too often, or their scanning speed is too slow because of an old computer.
  2. Accuracy– of greater concern because their existing Holter system’s inability to name beats correctly.

Not all Holter recorders are the same, and not all Holter software is created equally. There are two costs that need to be considered when purchasing a new Holter system. The first cost is the acquisition cost, or what it costs you to purchase the Holter Recorders and Software. Often not accounted for, the second cost is what a lesser Holter system costs you in lost employee time. When a Holter system doesn’t name beats correctly, it takes longer to complete each scan.

Not convinced yet? Consider these numbers:

The average cost of a Philips Zymed Holter 2010 System with 5 DigiTrak XT 24-Hour Recorders is under $24,000. The 2010 version of Zymed Holter software is the highest of three levels of Zymed software available, and is suitable for clinics and hospitals who are completing 30 (or more) Holter studies monthly, as well as working with Electrophysiologists. Lower levels of software are also available to suit all practice and hospital needs.

Just spending an extra 10 minutes per study over the average 7-year life of a Holter system equates to spending an additional $10,483 in employee time. How did I arrive at this amount?

  • $25/hour for a Holter scanning technician’s time including hourly wage and benefits
  • $4.16 for every 10 minutes of their time
  • 30 Holter scans per month
  • 7 Years or 84 months (average Holter system lifespan)
  • $4.16/10 minutes of time X
    • 30 Scans/month X
      • 84 months­­­
      • = $10,483

Anyone that scans Holter studies regularly knows that you can easily spend an extra 30 minutes to an hour on a hard scan if there is a problem with artifact, wrongly classified beats, or intermittent Atrial Fibrillation if the Holter system you are using mislabels beats. The extra $10,483 in time can easily become $20,000 or more over the 7-year average lifespan of a Holter system.

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