Learn how to see 72 Beats per Page, Edit Beats, and Change Classes, Plus More.

Checking classes is an important step in ensuring that you have accurate counts for your Holter Report. Philips Holter allows you to look at 72 beats per page. You can also utilize the Learn and Count function to do single or multiple beat editing.

To access this capability, First Click in Class on a Class of Beats to bring it up on the top of screen.

Next click on the Detail Button at the bottom of the screen.    

Next click on the Alt View Button in the lower left screen.    

You can now see 72 Beats from the chosen Class on the screen at the same time. You can page through these Beats by clicking on the scroll bar on the right of the screen to advance a page at a time.

If you find a Beat does not belong, first highlight it by clicking on it, and then choose the appropriate Learn or Count Button to fix that Beat. You can also hold down the Control (ctrl) Key on your keyboard and click on multiple Beats on your screen to do a fast group edit.

You can also view any beat in a larger format by first highlighting the  Beat, and then click on the Diagnostic (Diag) Button on the top right of your screen.     

You can also use our 12-Lead view at this time to help you name that beat.  To Combine Classes, pull multiple Classes to the top of the screen and Click on the Combine Button at the bottom of the screen.