The challenges of multiple remote sites and how Zymed helps streamline that process.

We are always surprised to find people still using couriers and mail to ship Holter Recorders from one office or location to another to be scanned. If you are trying to grow the Holter part of your practice, this can be a major limitation.

Relying on a courier service means you may be taking a recorder out of service for several days before it can be used on another patient. This means that you have to purchase more Holter Recorders to increase the number of studies performed monthly.

A Better Way

Access to Holter tests should be convenient for patients. Many hospital systems are now adding Remote Link capabilities to the physician practices or outside clinics they have purchased. In this way, they can increase their Holter test volume because Holter is such a great “gateway” test.

It is much more cost effective to utilize Remote Linking capabilities to transfer the Holter data to the main scanning location electronically than to physically ship recorders around.

Using Philips Zymed Zybit Remote Link, each Remote Site can be set up on an existing Windows-based PC with a Holter Docking Station and linked to the main scanning computer. Our largest customer has over 500 Remote Links Sites set up. Each site has a Unique Site Code, and the Holter data being sent is encrypted so that the entire process is HIPAA compliant. Completed Holter Reports can be sent back over the same Remote Link.

Zymed Holter Software Remote Link Capabilities

All versions of the Zymed Holter software have Remote Link capabilities:

  • The 1810 with Tech and/or Cardiology Suite versions of Zymed Holter can only support one or two Remote Sites.
  • You must have the 1810 Administration Suite or the Zymed 2010 Plus version to handle more than two Remote Link Sites.
  • Zymed Zybit Remote Link software is available as a single license, a 5-Pack license, or as an Unlimited Remote Link license for very large users.

Very large users often ask us to help them set up the Central Remote Link site on a server so that multiple scanning computers can access the Holter data coming in from the different Zymed Remote Link sites.

To learn more about the benefits or how to set up Zymed Remote Link sites, please contact us.