With the PageWriter TC70, TC50 and TC30 cardiographs, you can utilize a special 2D barcode scanner to input multiple data fields into the cardiograph with one click on a 2D barcode.

The fields that can be entered are:

• Last Name
• First Name
• Additional Name
• Gender
• Patient ID
• Physician Name
• Age
• Room
• Race
• Account Number

What is a 2D barcode? A 2D barcode is a new design that allows for more information to be included in the design. The 2D barcodes look like this:

PageWriter TC Series Barcode for ScannerThe barcode reader needs to be specially programmed so that it puts the fields listed above into the correct spot during data entry. This means that you can’t use any brand of barcode reader; they must be supplied by Philips and then programmed to meet your needs. Download the installation and guide instructions HERE for more information.

Contact your Coffey Medical Sales Representative to learn more about this new capability for the TC series of Philips Cardiographs.