To better meet your cardiac stress testing needs and with an eye toward tightening budgets, the Philips ST80i Stress Testing System’s new software version, A.01, now supports and interfaces with the Cardiac Science/Mortara TM55 treadmill (formerly Quintin).

The Philips ST80i Stress Testing System provides opportunities to enhance clinical productivity and decision-making. The ST80i features a wireless patient experience, bidirectional connectivity and advanced decision support tools that enhance data review, patient care and workflow efficiency.

Designed with clinicians and patients in mind, ST80i brings cutting-edge technology and clinical-support tools into customizable and easy-to-use software. The result is a flexible and intuitive solution designed to present stress-testing data useful in streamlining clinical decision making and productivity. Philips ST80i Stress Test System includes All-In-One Computer, Trolley, Printer, Patient Interface Wireless Module, Software CD (preinstalled), leadset, IFU, physician guide, quick reference card, RS232 to USB adapter. And with the new Rev A.01, if you have a working Cardiac Science/Mortara TM55 treadmill (formerly Quinton), we can work with that too.

Let us assist you to learn more about Philips stress solutions. Contact your local Philips representative for more information and a demo.