Millions of Americans suffer from atrial fibrillation–the most common form of irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia. Though it’s possible to show no signs or symptoms, others with this condition may experience heart palpitations like an increased pulse rate, as well as chest pain or tightness, susceptibility to fainting, and even congestive heart failure.

Because of its extremely accurate algorithm, as well as improved “Learn” and “Call” functions that allow you to improve the speed and quality of your scans, Zymed Holter software does a great job of identifying and qualifying beats that are symptomatic of atrial fibrillation.

Since atrial fibrillation is so common, treatment by medication is common, as well as surgery in certain patients. In a convergence of modern medical technology, surgeons are now utilizing GPS software instead of repeated X-rays. While the patient still receives highly accurate treatment, utilizing GPS technology could mean much less exposure to dangerous radiation emitted by X-rays.