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Workflow Requirements

The Philips Zymed Holter software allows you to customize reports. You can select from 7 different cover styles and different report sections per physician request. They can modify the word choice in the Narrative section. They can set up different protocols for strip documentation per physician.


Our largest customer handles over 100,000 holter studies a year using our Zybit Remote Link software.  For years, the largest IDTF’s or Scanning Services in the country have relied on Zymed’s Zybit Remote Link capabilities to provide Holter Scanning to their customers. Some of these IDTF’s have hundreds of remote sites sending thousands of Holter studies a month in to be scanned. Zybit Remote Link can be installed on any Intel Chip PC in your office with a docking station to send Holter data quickly to your Central Site for scanning. Studies can even be scheduled to send at night. Completed Reports can also be sent back over the same Remote Link Connection or other methods can be used that are outlined below.

Each Philips Holter purchase comes with an enterprise license of .zpt Report Viewer software to read and edit final reports from any networked computer. These reports may be sent to your physicians via encrypted e-mail or archived on the network for your physicians to retrieve. We can also export the final Holter Report as an HL7 message or PDF file into an ECG Management system like Philips Intellispace ECG, Epiphany Cardio Server or any other management system that can accept a PDF file.

Using Software Rev 3.0 and Philips Intellibridge Enterprise you can download Orders into the Philips Holter system at either the main scanning site or at a Remote Site. The patient demographics can even be downloaded into the DigiTrak XT Holter Recorder.