The following is an update to the cleaning agents for the Philips DigiTrak XT (DTXT) Holter recorder device, patient cables and belt clip.

Acceptable Cleaning Agents
The Philips DigiTrak XT (DTXT) Holter Recorder device, patient cable and belt clip can be cleaned with the following

  • Dampen soft cloth with mild detergent and water mixture.
  • Green soap, green soap tincture (U.S. Pharmacopeia) or alcohol-free hand soap
  • Sodium hypochlorite (Bleach) solution 10% in water
  • Isopropyl alcohol may be used on the DTXT recorder and belt clip

Unacceptable Cleaning Agents

    • Other alcohols are NOT recommended to clean the DTXT recorders

Caution: Use of other alcohols, acetone, AlkylDimethyl Benzyl ammonium chlorides or amethyl ammonium chloride is NOT recommended to clean the DTXT recorders.

    • Isopropyl alcohol may NOT be used on the patient cables

Caution: Use of alcohol or acetone on the patient cables could cause the cables to stiffen and the insulating plastic to crack.

    • Consumer wipes are NOT recommended to clean the DTXT recorders, belt clip or patient cables

Caution: Use of amethyl ammonium chloride (commonly found in many consumer wipes) on the DTXT recorders, belt clip and patient cables could cause the plastic to deteriorate.

    • Do not immerse DTXT recorder or patient cables into cleaning solutions

Caution: The DTXT recorder and patient cable is water resistant with a rating of IPX3 ordinary equipment (enclosed equipment with protection against spraying water).

Additional Precautions

  • When sterilization is required, use hospital-approved procedure for EtO, not to exceed 50°C/122°F. Frequent sterilization will reduce the useful life of patient cables and lead wires
  • Follow cleaning instructions per the manufacture. Failure to follow instructions or use of non-recommended cleaning solutions may cause damage to patient cables, lead wires, and DTXT recorder plastic case
  • Patient cables/lead wires should be suspended when stored to avoid kinking or excessive bending

For questions or need additional information, contact your Philips Holter representative by EMAIL or by PHONE at 1-800-462-6359.