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DigiTrak Plus Recorder Trade-In

Limited Time Offer - Holter TradeIn Promo

Trade-In Your Old Philips DigiTrak Plus Recorders and receive a 40% discount on a NEW DigiTrak XT Holter Recorder model of your choice

For a limited time, you can trade-in those old DigiTrak Plus Recorders for the NEW DigiTrak XT Recorders and receive a 40% Discount on any of the following DigiTrak XT recorders:

Model Description

860322 A01 24-Hour DigiTrak XT Holter Recorder

860322 A02 48-Hour DigiTrak XT Holter Recorder

860322 A03 96-Hour DigiTrak XT Holter Recorder

860322 A04 7-Day DigiTrak XT Holter Recorder

It has been 6 years since Philips stopped manufacturing the DigiTrak Plus Holter Recorder and replaced it with the DigiTrak XT Holter Recorder. If you are still using the DigiTrak Plus, it is a testament to how well they hold up. You can replace them with the DigiTrak XT Recorder that has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, and keep using your Philips Holter Software.

Philips is offering a generous upgrade path for customers for a limited time. Call your Philips Holter representative or CONTACT US for further details or questions.