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The intensity of QT and arrhythmia monitoring should be considered in the context of potential drug benefit, drug safety, resource availability and quarantine considerations, researchers say. Philips Holter Monitor Systems utilizing our 2010 or 1810 with Technical and Cardio Suites have the ability to measure for QTc interval and the detection of prolonged QT interval syndrome potentially caused by the use of HydroChloroquine over a 24- or 48-hour time period for COVID-19. For information on “How to Enable QT Testing as part of your Philips Holter 1810 with Tech And Cardio Suites or 2010 Holter Software”Click Here (PDF). For more information and a demo, please call Coffey Medical at 800-462-6359 or contact us online and someone from our team will be in touch soon.